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... has an interesting cast of characters. This page is an ongoing project designated to list everybody of major and minor importance.  Icon images will be added only as time and the story permits.

As you'll soon see, some of the characters have had their names changed.  For you long-time fans, we've explained who used to be what so that you can keep up.

THE ADONAI - This guy appears a little goofy, but what do you expect of a former prince turned emperor? All prince types are goofy, even the ones who have moved up in the world.  Even so Taus dislikes him a lot... or maybe she just wants him to improve.  At least he has a nifty hat.

FOX - (Formerly Camille) Taus' adopted son and obligatory hot-head.  "Fox" is short for his real name, but we're not allowed to tell you what that is.  He will kill us, and Taus won't do anything to stop him.  He's scary, we tell you. Downright frightening.

GANJI - Mechanics-specialist and gambler, Ganji used to serve in the Cyborg Repair Units during his military time with the empire.  Those days are past, and he often wonders what he did wrong for the gods to put him in Taus' path for pickup.


HERMAN - This character was named a variety of things from Blackwing to Kakeyin.  Regardless of all that, he's a hoodlum and Taus' former lover. We have no intentions of being nice to him.  Ever.

KRIS - High priestess of the Temple of Love in the far off land of Himalaiy, she has been sent to guard Taus from mischief... and to make sure her ladyship wears clean clothes on occasion.

KROM - Resident lizard-man and Taus former teacher in the art of weaponry

LALESH - Personal aide, military general and overall pain in the Adonai's arse, this busy man likes fancy traditional clothing and keeping his country in line.  If it's a quick list, a note in a party, or just comforting his king Lalesh is willing to do it all for gods and kingdom.

MALEK TAUS - Haunted by nightmares and strange dreams, Taus is on a quest to find something.  Only she knows what that would be - most of the time.  Usually she just wings it, but that comes pretty easily for an angel.  As a former member of the Cerberus Project she has a lot of crime to undo... if she's interested.

MOCH - Taus' husband. She really won't let us talk about him much. This character may suffer a name change soon enough. We're thinking of something like Lung or Long.

ORCUS - Originally named Saraen, he is the resident cyborg.

THE BLACK PEACOCK - Woman of mystery, only Taus can see and hear her.  Where is she speaking from... or is she a figment of Taus' imagination?

WA - Also known as Frog, this little guy was "rescued" by Taus one day at a party.  He's very loyal to his mistress... and to the nearest bottle of wine. When forced to choose between loyalties the wine usually wins.

Copyright 2000.  Akashik is written and drawn by The Writers of the Apocalypse.  Interested in seeing other places Battle of Angels (Akashik) has been in print?  Contact Dandelion Studios for a back issue of Kinships, or the publishers of Moshi Moshi for Issues 8 and 9.  All rights reserved.