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In the tradition of webcomics everywhere, people who donate not only get to see the comic keep going but get nifty rewards. 

For the months of August and September, people who donate $10 or more will get our newest and first 1 3/8" bonus lapel pin.  I do mean a real pin, one that is shiny and can be stuck in your jacket or hat.  It will look something like the picture in the upper right corner except it will be... uh... smaller. And did I mention that it will be shiny? 

People who donate, no matter the size, will also get free wallpaper (one for Akashik and one for Heavenly Bride) and a desktop theme.  Our current offers are also represented to the right.

If this idea is successful, we will have a new collectable pin offer every other month!

* We MUST have a minimum of 25 donations for the order amount to be met.

August and September's pin, our first! "Taus with Wings"

Copyright 2000.  Akashik is written and drawn by The Writers of the Apocalypse.  Interested in seeing other places Battle of Angels (Akashik) has been in print?  Contact Dandelion Studios for a back issue of Kinships, or the publishers of Moshi Moshi for Issues 8 and 9.  All rights reserved.

To get your reward, be sure to hit "back to Katrina Joyner" when finished donating... or you may never find it! NEVER!


If you are not redirected to the wallpaper after donating please let us know! We worry.

Remember: ALL donations earn extra updates!

Which will you choose? The red pill or the blue pill?

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