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A Bird in the Bush began as an inspiration from a conversation with Mr. Pini regarding Recognition.  That was many many MANY MANY MANY moons ago.  The rest of it is eternally in my head, and it wants out! Out!!!  I can only apologize that for the past 15 years or so I've been working on this off and on.  And I can't promise that I'll be able to finish it any time soon because I'm working on other comics that I do get paid for, but maybe I can find a way.

Hey, it's not like I get paid for this....



Please don't mind the dust. This page is under construction. Check again... more pages MAYBE coming soon! Or maybe I'll start over from scratch and give better art...  (If you are one of those who support Akashik or Heavenly Bride, send a note for an Elfquest page the next time you donate and I'll definitely do it.  But until then I'm kind of paying the bills under my own power so please be patient!)

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This tale is written and published with permission by WaRP Graphics. Elfquest art copyright 2001 Warp Graphics, Inc. Elfquest, its logos, characters, situations, all related indicia, and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Warp Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved.  Bathingsuit gif courtesy of Kathy Torrisi Designs.