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BLUE - Akashik's Tiamat, Blue began the story with Battle of Angels.  As DEATH, Blue works  her undead butt off on the comic. Her artistic resume begins in 1989 and extends into areas such as Dandelion Studios' Exiles, Black Wolf Silver Fox (a novel), and anything else she feels like doing.  She also likes cheese.  Her favorite webcomics are Girl Genius and, of course, Akashik. She's also very very fond of Ouran High School Host Club. If you feed her pepperjack, she will draw for you.  And wear bells.  Because they tinkle. She can be found by emailling death @ or you can visit her online gallery at:

Sometimes she takes commissions, especially of the Akashik Characters!

You might also want to check out her famous Elfquest Worldpool Tale FANFIC: CLICK HERE.



BPURG - No one is sure just how BPurg came into being, they only know she's there to frighten people with her trusty machete and Mac laptop.  Under the title of WAR, she works on character design, script writing, and various world developments as they capture her all-seeing attention. Among her favorite webcomics stand The Devil's Panties, Girl Genius, and Something Positive.  She can be found by emailing war @



SILVERKAT - Under the title of CONQUEST, it's Silverkat saving the day with her graphic artistic skills! With a fell swoop of her mighty tablet, she rights the wrongs of Death's poor lettering and brings life and joy to the depressed pages!  HEIL ILPALAZZO!  But we're not saying her skills are better than ours. No. We're not.  We're not at all. No.  She can be found by emailing conquest @


Germs deserve no photos!


We are against the swine flu and so do not have a Pestilence at this time.


Team helpers include the following people:

THAT DICKHEAD OVER THERE - This unknown factor gives us militant information and helps Taus plot the take-over of the universe. But mostly he just hangs around to keep Death happy.

LADY CHOSHU - Fluffy minion of the deep and dark closet, Choshu slurks around corners.. grabbing books and reading them... later giving garbled accounts of the historical and theological information she painstakingly gathered... so that DEATH has to do the research all over again.....

SARAEN - This lovely lady has dreams and knows ancient history seashells are afraid to speak of. But we tap her mind for beer, not information.

RED HERON - This gentleman knows some of the history and helpfully answers questions. Gotta love him.

RICK SILVA - Occasionally working under the guise of Pollution, Silva is our dialogue genius. All hail the great Pollution.  At other times he works as the co-owner of Dandelion Studios.