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And now comes the time... the time for our first contest here with the Writers of the Apocalypse.  But what to do? What to do?

After a lot of wine and a little debate, it has been decided!  You, the contestee, shall create a winning dialogue for one of the pages we have provided.  Be witty, be funny, and most of all be interesting. The best dialogue wins first place with two runner ups, and the entries will be displayed here at the website.


  • All contestants need to be over 14 years old to play.  Contestants under 18 should get their parent's permission so that we don't get sued.

  • Only one entry per person. Please don't create fake identities or get your mother's brother's sister's uncle to submit your idea for you. 

  • No excess profanity or x-rated material.  Insanity is allowed.

  • No viruses.  Anyone who sends us a virus will be hunted down and shot. Or at the very least we'll light a candle and pray for the Buddha to annihilate you.

  • Send your entries to as jpg attachments, 650 pixels wide, or send us a direct link to from some place you have it stored. (Like or something similar.)

  • Kindly put your dialogue in speech balloons or something similar, so that we can see what you're writing. Illegible entries will be deleted.

  • Be sure to head your email as "CONTEST ENTRY 2008" or we might think you're sending us some spam.  We don't like spam. We're semi-vegetarian in this company. Except for Pestilence. But then again, she *is* Pestilence.

  • In the body of this aforementioned email, be sure to give us your name and mailing address in case you win.  We can't send you nifty things if you don't do that.  You also might want to tell us what character you'd like Death to draw... in case she actually decides to do it.  And what t-shirt you'd like to win... in case you do.  Pestilence has already made the bracelet, so you don't get to pick that.  Sorry.

  • All entries must be received by midnight, February 14 2008, VALENTINE'S DAY to be considered.  No late entries will be accepted!

  • If your email bounces us or claims we're spam or we can't get in touch with you in any shape or form to tell you that you're a winner, then you'll become a loser and we'll go to the next contestant. Sorry about that.

  • By submitting your entry, you relinquish the right to tell us not to put it up here. By submitting, you understand and acknowledge that you have given us the right to plaster it all over whatever page we choose.... with proper credits of course. Don't enter if you're introvertive. It will only hurt your feelings and make you nervous.  We also might send stalkers to your page to haunt your image and think about what a good job you did.  You are now warned.


  • The three lucky winners will receive the following:

  • First place - an original artwork by artist DEATH of the character of their choice

  • Second place - their choice of ONE (1) t-shirt from our store at Cafepress. (To browse through our items and plot your choice, click here.)

  • Third place - A one of a kind bracelet by artist PESTILENCE


To get your template and start lettering, right click on any of the images below and save to your desktop.




So get out there, get creative, and show us what you got! 



Copyright 2000.  Akashik is written and drawn by The Writers of the Apocalypse.  Interested in seeing other places Battle of Angels (Akashik) has been in print?  Contact Dandelion Studios for a back issue of Kinships, or the publishers of Moshi Moshi for Issues 8 and 9.  All rights reserved.

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